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My Mom's NSCLC


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My Mom was given the news on her 61st bd that she has squamous cell carcinoma L lung w/ thoracic lymphadenapathy that was graded as 3 out of 4. I have searched the internet and have found all kinds of info-most conflicts with each other.

She was told that they can not operate ( did not tell her why) but told her that she is "curable."

I have not meet with her doctors until this next week when they will give her the results of a PET scan and treatment plan for her. Treatment for her means chemo and radiation this is all we know right now. We live across country from each other so it makes it even more difficult. Does anybody have any advise? The "C" word which my Mom has labeled it makes life crazy at times.

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I'm glad you found this board. I don't know much about the SCLC, but there are many here who can answer your specificquestions.

I wanted to welcome you and let you know that you have found a great source of information and support. If you haven't already, check out:


Dr. West has a fabulous site full of good information and he will answer questions.


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Hi Suzette, I am sorry to hear about your mom. My mom also has NSCLC (squamous cell) Hers is stage 4 and radiation was not an option for her as the presenting tumors were so large. She is just finishing up her 1st course of chemo and is feeling GREAT! I also live accross the country from mom. I am in Reno and she is in NY. I found it helpful to fly out and meet her Dr and nurses. My mom signed the paperwork so that I can call and be given information. It is very important for your mom to bring someone along with her to treatments and appointments if at all possible. This person will be a second set of ears and can write things down. It's amazing how much information can be missed if you don't have a couple people listening. If you are able to post a profile for your mom, that will help others on the site offer info. I wish your mom the best with her treatment. As you can see on this site, there are many people living (and doing well) with this terrible disease. Shelley

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Sorry for the diagnosis. The good news for your Mom with NSCLC is that they used the word "cure". Squamous cell is a sub-type in the NSCLC category. She must be at an earlier stage of the disease as many 3a and even 3b patients are curable. Many good things happen with appropriate radiation and chemo.

Please make a profile of your Mom's data for your signature by clicking on "my profile" at the top of the page. It will make navigating these boards much easier for you and people can help answer questions with just a glance at the profile.

Read the profiles on the boards as they are packed with information on treatments, etc.

Warm regards and keep us posted.


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sorry you have to be here.

My Mom was also diagnosed with stage III squamous cell cancer - she had 6 weeks of daily radiation, 4 rounds of chemo (carbo and etoposide) and had such a good response that she's now a candidate for surgery to remove what's left of the tumor - so, there's hope.

You'll hear from others about some amazing responses treatment, as well as get wonderful support and good advice.

good luck to you and your mom


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