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Organize Your Supplement Reports

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You can copy and paste each supplement report into an e-mail. Then e-mail it to yourself or e-mail me and I will send you all back reports and all future reports. Then follow directions below

How to make the most out of the reports

This is how to do it in Outlook. There should be a similar way in other e-mail programs.

1 Create a folder named SUPPLEMENTS.

2. Move the folder to Favorites by right clicking on folder and select Add to favorites. This makes it easier to find.

3. Place all reports as you receive them into the SUPPLEMENT folder.

4. Select arrange by SUBJECT for that folder.

This gives you a nice reference in alphabetical order.

How to add new links to existing reports.

1. Copy and paste entire supplement report into a new e-mail. Make sure that you put the title in the subject box.

2. Add the new links that you want to use for future research. Make sure you put a heading of what the link is if it does not come under one of the existing headings.

3. Now e-mail this to yourself.

4. Replace the existing report with the new one.

How to add your own reports of different supplements.

1. Just e-mail the report to your self making sure you have the title in the subject box.

You now have a place to go that is easy to use. You just have to click on the web addresses in each report. Eliminates the need to cut and paste addresses into your browser. This has been a big help to me. I hope it works for you.

You may want to save this e-mail in case you send the reports to a friend. You can also have your friend send me their e-mail and I will send all back reports and add them to the mail out.

Stay positive,


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