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Sorry it's been awhile - I've been away.

Mom decided to go ahead with the surgery.

To re-cap, she finished her chemo and radiation, had considerable shrinkage of her tumor, and the PET showed no activity. Her Onc spoke with a surgeon who said that mom's a candidate for a wedge resection.

She tormented herself for 3-4 weeks, but finally decided that it would put her mind at ease to have whatever is left taken out.

She's definately been given a gift - the chance to remove the nasty little bugger, but it's pretty scarey to think of my 83 y/o mom going under the knife.

Her surgery is scheduled for Monday morning, so please send some positive thoughts her way.

I'll let you know how she does

thanks for everything


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If it's of any help, my mom's surgeon absolutely lamented that his 80+ year old patients would get out and run the halls and recover in no time while all the 50 and under wimps would lay there and moan!


Your mom's in our prayers! I hope she's out 'running the halls' in no time!

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Best of luck with the surgery. I heard something similar to what Pewjumper wrote. When my mom had her bypass they said the older patients in their 80s recovered much easier than the younger ones. I am not sure why that is :)

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