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Please tell me about the fluid


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I took my mom to the surgeon yesterday as a follow-up from last Friday's "Chamberlain" procedure. The Chamberlain is a surgical procedure that involves removing part of the rib and lifting the breast bone to do a biopsy of the tumor. It was then that we learned that she was stage IIIB Squamous. Ever since the procedure, Mom's been sort of out-of-it. I kept asking her had she been taking a lot of pain meds. She kept saying "no" but seemed so dis-oriented. She kept having panic attacks and feeling like she couldn't breathe and then drifting in and out of sleep. They admitted her to the hospital to administer O2 and rule out blood clots. They have said that she has retained a lot of fluid and placed her on Lasix through IV. They say that when you retain a lot of fluid its common to be "out-of-it". Is fluid retention and swelling part of this disease?

They are hoping to start her chemo next week while she's in the hopsital.

Thank you all,


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I have never heard of a "Chamberlain" procedure. It sounds worse than a lobectomy! Did she have general anesthesia? After my surgery, I couldn't concentrate enough to even read a newspaper headlline. I think the "out-of-it" symptoms sounds like an aftermath of meds. But I'm not a doc and I have no first-hand knowledge of fluid retention.

Take anything I say with a grain of salt. I have been accused of still having "out-of-it" symptoms!

But whatever is causing this, I hope it goes away real soon.

As far as panic attacks, when one's lungs are messed with, panic attacks in the form of difficult breathing are not so rare. (My personal belief and experience. Not based on any scientific study) See if you can convince your mom to tell herself to relax, relax, relax. Mmmmm. Maybe that's why she sleeps afterwards: She's hypnotized herself.

Let's hope whatever it si , it goes away rapidly!

Sending positive vibes to you and your mom. JudyB

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Do you mean lactulose (lasix). I know they give this for complications due to liver mets. I am not sure but they could give this for fluid buildup.

Sometimes fluid buildup happens because of liver mets, I was told one may also get edema due to steriods.

Is there any liver involvement? Liver mets can also cause disorientation because of low blood sugar. It happened to my mom.

God bless,


SAMe may help with liver function. Dr Weil is a CAM practioner has said Milk thisle may also help. If there are liver problems there are drinks the doctor can order to reduce stress on the liver. Avoid animal protien. It is thought vegtable protien (whey) may be easier on the liver

The liver is an EXTREMELY vital organ and if there are problems there they need to be addressed

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When a person does not get enough oxygen to the brain, he/she can get a panic attack and not think very clearly (Been there/done that)

I am currently on steroids for the breathing problem along with oxygen and have to get the right mix or I have all types of crazy problems. Since I am on steroids, I retain a lot of fluid and take lasix to reduce the swelling.

Hope this helps explain what can happen.

Sue M

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