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Follow Up Scans


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For all my friends here whose cancers were resected, what were your follow up regimens after chemo and/or


Mom had an MRI and chest xray as soon as chemo was over (though it was due to other things), but now she's only scheduled for a CT in August.

What tests did you have at what intervals?

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I had follow up scans and blood work every three months for the first year and a half. Now I go every 6 months. It will be two years since my surgery in July.


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I had follow-ups every three months for the first two years, and at that time, it was chest x-rays. Now I have a CT and surgeon's visit every year and I've been told that will be forever.

I see my oncologist once a year now. For the first three years, it was every six months.


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I had a ct scan every 6 months and an xray in the interval time so that I would have a ct scan then 3 months later have an xray and then 3 months later, another ct scan. I did this pattern after my first and second cancers. After my third cancer, I have been doing a PET/CT scan every 3 months.

Don M

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