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Babmino/a update....(6/5 update)


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We are at 33 1/2 weeks now of pregnancy :) The doctor said if it were not for Jacob's small size it would be the most unremarkable twin pregnancy he ever saw because our surrogate is in such good health, perfect blood pressure, etc.

On Tuesday June 5 we do another big ultrasound measuring and weighing the babies. If Jacob falls off the growth chart, babies will be delivered on Wednesday after a steroid shot is given to speed up lung growth :shock:

Otherwise the doctor expects delivery around week 35 :shock:

We are still holding out hope for a week 38 delivery so they can be more mature :D

My surrogate thinks 38 weeks is crazy :wink:

We probably are facing some NICU time due to small size. We are just hoping that everyone makes it safe and sound!

That's all for now :) I'll update Tues afternoon after the big day.

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My brother and sister in law had twin boys yesterday, 33 weeks along. They came out Great. They are tube feeding but really are just great. I understand how stressful this time is for you and You will all remain firmly in my prayers.

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I got everything crossed here too.... Praying all goes well and Jacob weight is on target. If not I know he will he fine.

Andrea, this is so exciting!!!

Mazel Tov....

Maryanne :wink:

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Well it looks like good news, the babies grew!!!! So they are going to brew them a bit longer and we go back next Tuesday.

Somehow they grew about 2lbs each in 2 weeks!!!

They say the measurements are estimates though.

I appreciate all the good thoughts!

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