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Already worrrying! Wish I could stop...


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My mom has a CT scan on Thursday. This will be her first scan since starting Tarceva 2 months ago. I am already so nervous. I really want this to work for her. She seems to be feeling okay other than some bouts of diarhea and a little rash. She says she would never guess there is anything wrong with her lungs. Still not much of an appetite but she has decided to refill her Megace prescription. She tried to go without after finishing the first one but her appetite went right back down. I don't think I could possibly pray any harder for these results to be good! When does the worrying stop? When do things get back to normal? Half the time I feel like my heart is going to jump out of my chest. We all do pretty well in between scans, but the week before and during it is like we are all walking on eggshells not wanting to talk about it but secretly thinking about it nonstop.

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Thanks everyone. Tomorrow is the big day. Scan at 9:30 and results with doctor appointment at 11:30. At least they don't make her wait. She says she feels it has to be good because she feels so good but she doesn't want to get her hopes up. Here's to hoping her gut feeling is right!

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