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New member..Mom in first round of tests

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I posted in the Family message board first. But I wanted to introduce myself here as well. My mom was just told last Wednesday that they found "suspicious cancer cells" in her brush biopsy. It's been a tough few weeks because she's been dealing with pneumonia since March. The word CANCER was not something we expected. I'm an only child and am trying to be there for my mom as much as I can. She's staying with my grandpa for now. Has no desire to return to her own home. I'm relieved she's at grandpa's because he lives 5 blocks from my home. Otherwise, she'd be 10 freeway miles away. It's not that far....but walking distance is SO much better. =) My grandpa is 94 & has no health problems. He walks 2 miles daily. Still plays golf. And now he's caring for his youngest daughter. He's also mourning my grandma who passed 8/05 from congestive heart failure. Actually, my mom is still mourning her mom. They were extremely close. So, mom and grandpa are enjoying living together. As we learn more about her diagnosis, I think her plans are to sell her home & live with grandpa permanently. I have good and bad days. Caring for my girls (age 4 & 7) keep me busy...but when my husband takes over & I am alone, THAT'S when all my fears set in. I know she's a fighter....but seeing her go through the discomfort and seeing the fear in her own eyes, just tears me apart. But, we'll take it one day at a time. That's all we can do. I'm just ready for her to start treatment. I want her comfort level to improve. The chronic cough and vomiting are bothering her the most. I think this site is going to help me. I know it will. It already has given me some peace of mind knowing I have somewhere to go and ask questions or just go feel understood. =)

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Hi and welcome to our group.I know all the testing is rough but it is necessary in order to find out just what is wrong with your Mom.It may not be cancer at all.But if it is there are so many treatments available today.

You will find alot of answers and support here.Keep us posted on the test results and we will help as much as we can.

Prayers to You&Mom


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Welcome. I hope they get your mom's medical stuff sorted out soon and get it fixed. If she has a lot of inflammation in her lungs, they may not find out much from a PET scan at this point. Moving in with grandpa sounds like a great idea.

Don M

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First of all I am sorry for all your family is going thru. The waiting is so hard. I am glad that your Mom will be close to you it will help her and you too. This site has been a godsend for me and Im sure you will find it helpful too. There is nothing like knowing you have a place to go where everyone just "gets it"

Sending good thoughts to you.

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