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Tarceva- the return of the rash,

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Hi All

Well here we are just thinking all is going well with Tarceva and rash under control and manageable, when.... yes you guessed it!! It's back with a vengeance and poor Dave's face is swollen with it and it seems to have marched off the beard and moustache area where it has always been to nose and forehead now!! I wouldn't even describe it as a rash when it is this bad, more like an infection when all facial area has erupted! I wonder why after almost 5 months it is back so badly? No amount of creams help at this stage, it seems that it is best to allow it to dry up naturally and it is too sore for him to apply anything.He is still taking antibiotics and steroids, maybe they are not working anymore? His splits in fingers healed well with the superglue but his heels are still very split and sore anyone else out there get this and if so suggestions please? Otherwise he is doing well on this drug and last scans showed tumour shrinkage, weight has come back on and fatigue has lessened.


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Thanks for this he is taking Doxycycline daily and I will ask Doc about this antibiotic. maybe a change is due? Do other Tarceva takers take regular weeks off if break out gets too bad??


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