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The Members Project by American Express

Nick C

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Keri has done it again.

American Express is sponsoring a contest "The Members Project." The tag line is "Our Money, Your Ideas, Your Decision." Well, clearly we decided Lung Cancer should be tops on the list. Keri got our idea approved.


Here is the link to our project (we're in process on setting up the foundation already, but this would be a huge kick start). Feel free to vote for us and against Lung Cancer.

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I saw the commercial for this last night and thought what a great idea. If you haven't seen the commercial - it is very well done. I am glad you did this-- let's all vote and spread the word through e-mail.

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Absolutely, you just have to register an e-mail and you will have an ID to comment and vote.

I think to get through the first round we'll need a lot of com,ments and a lot of votes, so if anyone can that would be huge!!!

Also, there are other people pushing for Lung Cancer. I don't care if it is us or someone else, but if any portion of the 5M went to LC, that's a win for all of us, so PLEASE go to the site and vote...and add your personal comments too. I think it will truly hammer the point home of how many people are affected by this disease.

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