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Dad having tough time recovering from surgery


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Hi everyone. I am so glad that I found this site. I have been reading almost daily since our news. I have to say thanks to everyone for their detailed information. Everything on-line is so clinical and hearing from real people makes it easier.

My dad recently had his surgery and is now home. The pain on his side isn't terribly bad. He claims it's bearable.

He was taking Percacet for pain, one every 4 hours. A few days ago, he stopped taking them, because he said he didn't have any pain and wanted to go to straight tylonol.

After he stopped taking the percacet, he started hallucinating, having really weird dreams, then he started feeling like he had the flu. He has been off the medicine for about 3 days now and says he feels better, no pain from the surgery, just really drained, tired, no energy and just plain run down.

He seemed so much better when taking the Percacet. He was awake most of the day, smiling, laughing and almost his normal self. Since he stopped the medicine he seems to be getting worse.

He says he stopped because he wasn't in pain and didn't like the loopy feeling and was afraid of becoming addicted. I was really surprised that he was having the withdrawal symptoms after only a few weeks.

He does react weird to medicine. In the hospital it took him almost three days to come off the morphine, he was in a weird trance like state. They eventually gave him some kind of medicine to block the morphine and he finally woke up.

Anyway, I am wondering if anyone has had this type of experience?? Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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I have had 2 surgeries and went on ibuprofen after 2 or 3 weeks. I never had the symptoms your dad has. I wonder about the flu feeling. Make sure his lungs are clear and he has been coughing up gunk. There is a danger in getting pneumonia if he doesn't keep his lungs clear. They probably made sure he was coughing up stuff while in the hospital and so most of it is probably gone, but just make sure he is keeping his lungs clear.

Don M

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Hello tlc and welcome

I can't answer your questions but wanted to welcome you to the site. I am sure that someone here will have some answers for you shortly.

Please let us know how else we can help.

Sending good wishes to you and your Dad


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Hello Tlc & welcome. My hubby also has 'sleep disturbances' (wild dreams and hallucinations) when on percocette or percodan & has to take other pain meds. Their are other effective pain meds. Just let your Dr know about it. Good Luck & God Bless


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Hi Wendyr,

Thanks for the info. My dad also goes to MD Anderson. His surgeon was Dr. Johnston. He will be seeing his oncologist next week. I think Dr. J is sending him to Dr. Sal.

Thanks everyone for all of your reply's. This is a wonderful very supportive group.

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Just a comment- if your dad was feeling loopy- that would probably be the reason why he was laughing and smiling all day. I have to tell you, when I was recovering, I wasn't laughing too often...

Your dad had major surgery. Your title of the post is "Dad having tough time recovering from surgery" but I didn't really see that. It looks like he is recovering pretty well - his pain is bearable etc. Major surgery isn't recovered from in a few weeks. You are supposed to feel tired and run down. Masking that by being high from pain pills isn't really doing anything but making everyone else feel better.

Sounds like your dad is doing the right thing and that he is getting good care. And if he doesn't want to take the pain pills, sounds great to me, particularly if he doesn't react well to drugs.

Welcome to the board and please keep posting!

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Hi and welcome...

I can't say anything about surgery as Mom never had the chance to get it...but I *do* know about weird reactions to medications!

Mom despised all pain medications because of a "loopy feeling", also, and would only take tylenol and ibuprofen.

You've gotten some great advice from people who are more "in the know" than I...so once again, welcome...though I'm sorry you had to find us. Please, keep us posted on how your dad (and you!) are doing!

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