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DCA and Cancer


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To avoid any legal issues, we must state we are not doctors and cannot give medical advice.

DCA has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of cancer. It can be prescribed "off-label" by your physician.

Taht pretty much sewsd it for most here. HAd done a little digging around and it is experimental WAY OFF in Canada not available in U.S. though.

I think there is more info on it in New trial Forums

Use the search and type in DCA and you will see the posts that were made about it here. CAn not link to this site so, Sorry!!

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This forum is only discussion! Why would one not be able to provide info?! This seems ridiculous....this is a message board/forum for support and it is a given that all or at least most are not doctors and not providing medical advice....I dont get why not able to provide links for information regardless of status.

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the above was a quote from The website link about we are not doctors and what not. it was not my opinion but a fact stated by the website owners about DCA. DCA is experimental in CANADA and not even available in US nor approved by the FDA in the states.

I was merely stating that the website itself claims, "We are not doctors, and can not give medical advice" I have researched DCA at other times for members and have come up with absolutely ZERO info for use in the UNITED STATES.

If the search of the Lung Cancer Support Community is done, The search will reveal the other queries into this treatment. I can not link the search results in this post.

I would be more than happy to provide links for this treatm,ent and have already done so for other members. I don't think anyone is trying it due to the controvery of it and the fact that it is not available for US usage. The Problem lies mostly in the canadian funding of this experimantal treatment. NO one is interested in it per se.

Sme informative links about DCA availability;

http://jscms.jrn.columbia.edu/cns/2007- ... cancercure

http://scienceblogs.com/terrasig/2007/0 ... loroac.php

I wish we had someone who could testify to the use of DCA but I DO not think we do. Hope I am WRONG on this Drug.

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Thanks for your replies. The reason I asked because in China a lot of LC patients and family memembers are trying this new treatment or whatever it is. And I did some research and found it is not FDA apporved. I want to warn them about taking this drug, but on the other hand, for most of us, there is not much to lose after all of available treatments run out. We are trying desperately to save lives of our beloved.

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Thanks Susan for letting others know about that link. I have been researching DCA also and have been watching for any favorable progress from members of that board. The forum is still fairly new and I haven't checked it lately so it may be too soon to see a success story. But it doesn't hurt to monitor it!

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You can ask Dr. West about it at www.onctalk.com

He is a great source of advice and perhaps he can share what he knows about the drug.

for those with LC, treatment options may be few- so any promising drugd or treatments on the horizon may sound like a good options. Clinical trials are a wonderful way to experience these new drugs that aim at extending life.

It is frustrating how slow the FDA can be, but it's purpose is to protect consumers against dangerous products.

I don't know alot about DCA, but like others, I hope there are more treatment options for those with LC- and SOON!!

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Sorry Randy I totally misunderstood!! I remember when this was on the news in Canada and it made me so mad that no one would fund the studies becuase it was not lucrative! I am glad to hear it is getting some kind of testing even if not in a controlled study.

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Thanks Katie and Welthy for highlighting OncTalk and what I had said about DCA. I feel the same way about it a couple of months later. I think it's an interesting idea and promising in some animal models, but the problem is that there's a huge gulf between looking good in rodents and being effective in people. It would be like watching a 9-year old skater and saying, "there's your olympic gold medalist in 2018!". I'd love to have a new effective tool against LC, but what really matters is how it works in people.

As Judah Folkman, one of the most important people in the field of angiogenesis, said back in 1998, "if you're a mouse, we can cure you", but he knew that it was something very different to have this translate to real patients.

If we were hearing impressive stories from patients on DCA about dramatic improvements, I'd be delighted to revise my impression, but as Randy implied, we haven't encountered amazing stories of responses of resistant tumors to DCA.

-Dr. West

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