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My MOM~ This is completely insane! or is it?


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Today (6-4) they called my Mom and told her she has an appointment on Wednesday AM to start radiation treatment.Nobody has even met with her to go over the PET scan from last week. All she knows for sure is they tatooed her last week before the PET scan for future measuing points on 4 locations on her chest.

Am I missing something here? If it were me I would like to know what was found out from the scan before anything was started and a chance to ask questions.

Since we live across country from each other I will not be there until the PM on the day she starts radiation. However, I already bought a journal to keep track on whats going on with Mom and Q&A's from her doctors.

Thank you all for your kindness and support!

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I can't imagine that they would go forward without more discussion. Did someone go with her to each appointment? If you don't take someone with you, you can miss a lot. I would want a chance for a second opinion before starting.

Stay positive, :)


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Sounds like part of the picture was left out. Maybe even your mom forgot part of it. I know when I go into the doctor's office it's hard to comprehend all that is being said. Sounds like they marked her for her radiation treatments.

I don't know if the doc is at fault here or if things just didn't get relayed to you correctly.

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I called the clinic and was told there is a convention in Chicago that her doctor is attending. He left orders as to what do according to the results of the PET scan. So in all reality, my Mom has not talked to anybody there except the women who called and told her that she was starting radiation on the AM of the 6-6-07.

I know its great that they are aggressively attending to her cancer needs but I feel if it was me, I would like the results before they get started.

I just pray that the results confirmed the mass found on the CT scan and thats why they are just moving forward since her doctor is out of town.

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