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No Lung No Cancer


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Well I had my surgery May 29 to have my left lung removed. Everything went as scheduled except it was a little harder to get with all the scar tissue but he did it. I was in ICU through June 4 and then I was put in my room. I feel like I have had the sh@# beat out of my left side and back. Pain killers don't do much but do help a little. I can go to the bathroom by myself now and do little thing (very little). I will be going home either June 5 or 6 and look foward to some sleep which we all know you do not get in a hospital:) Thank you for all you prayers and thoughts and for just being here!!!!

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Heather, congratulations. You have jumped a big milestone. I recall my husband's initial post-surgical period in October, and can sympathize with your physical discomfort - but still, it's behind you. Way to go!

You are young and I'll bet you'll recover quickly. Keep your eye on the prize! Rest all that you need to and eat well. It's all important to healing.

Very proud of you and happy for you. :)

Mary Colleen

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YEAAAA!!!! Love to hear the goood news Hang in there your doing great !! Prayers and wishes for speedy recovery

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Hi Heather,

So glad you are home and on the mend. You are lucky that after all you went through you were so lucky that they could operate.

Just keep taking those pain medication and rest and heal. I know you have little ones at home but you must rest as that will help heal you.

Bless you honey,

Maryanne :wink:

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When I was in the hospital and getting ready to go home, the intern was removing my chest tubes (ouch!), and he said he thought that the worst was over for me.

At the time I was hurtin', and I thought that couldn't possibly be true. But, he was right.

Not to say that I didn't have some pain in the weeks after that, and some discomfort from chemo treatments, which you already know about, but really, the pain from surgery does go away with time.

Take your pain medication, try to do a little more every day without overdoing things, and it will get better.

Just being home from that hospital was a major improvement for me.

Best of luck to you.


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Hey Heather, Welcome Back!! So good to see all went well in surgery! HOOORAAAAY!!!! Such GOOD NEWS! Yep, I have no doubt you feel like crap and some! Onward and Upward from here. Is' all up hill!

Stay faithful to your pain meds. Don't cut yourself short with them. Stay on TOP of that pain for at least 3 more weeks. You won't be sorry.

Give us a holler when you get home and settled in and feeling up to it.



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I am so glad that you had a successful surgery and now you can begin to heal. Be patient as it does take longer than you would like to recover. Make sure you walk and if you have trouble sleeping in a bed try sleeping in a recliner chair. Stay on top of the pain medicine-don't let it wear off. Please let others care for you kids. It will be enough that you are home and they will understand that mommy doesn't feel well and needs to rest. My kids were very close in age to yours when my husband had his surgery. They most difficult part for us was my daughter, who was 3, didn't understand why daddy couldn't hold her and we did have lots of meltdowns over tiny things but we got through it. You will round the bend probably between 4-6 weeks post-surgery.

I am proud of you for being such a warrior.


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