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tingling in fingers


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My Dad is experiencing "tingling" in his fingers. Oncologist's nurse thinks it could be a side effect of Tarceva. He's had no chemo, no radiation, so chemo neurothopy doesn't seem to fit.

(Also, doctor won't treat my Dad with anything other than Tarceva and we're very scared. What a catch-22. We wait for 4 weeks for dx, watch Dad literally deteriorate right before our eyes then, on dx, get told that he is not strong enough for chemo. What a strange and cruel process. Sigh....just venting again in this last part...sigh, sigh, sigh....)

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Yirol, cannot address the tingling but try getting Dad to drink milkshakes. I make them for Maurice from Carnation Instant Breakfast, Half & Half cream instead of milk and lots of ice cream. Throw it all in the blender and voila, lots & lots of calories & easy to get down. Good Luck & God Bless


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Hi Yirol,

Not sure about the tingling in your dad's case.. my husband had tingling, along with pain, when his tumor was pressing against nerves in his back.

As Wendyr says, smoothies and shakes are easy to swallow and easy to keep down. Skandyshake (600 calories per glass.. you can buy them at almost any hospital drugstore) is just about the only thing keeping hubby out of intensive care due to his weight loss. I mix skandyshake with icecream and he can actually keep it down.

I hope you get answers soon.

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