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Vomiting from esophagitis or The Brain Tumor?

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Hi-My Mom has been vomiting on and off since she finished her last radiation to the chest-The Dr says she has esophagitis and it's pretty bad. She feels like a lump is in her throat and then throws up-but she also has the 9mm tumor on her brain-the Dr says it's to small to be doing anything yet. She started her WBR on Monday and is into her 3rd treatment. Anyone have a small tumor on the brain and throw up?

Thanks for any advice on this.


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Yes, I had terrible esophagitis from radiation and vomited a long time. I had ulcers up and down the whole esophaguas, fungus growing, and terrible pain swallowing. They put me on a feyndale pain patch, which made it worse. I end up taking the patch off and taking an anti fungus med for 14 days. The vomiting stopped almost immediately. Sorry to say that I still have pain swallowing. I've had the "Big Strech" Went 6mm to 14mm diameter, but probably need to have it done again. My biggest problem is swallowing medicene. Hope things get better. Hugs, Liz

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Gerald was felt sick after radiation and had the lump in his throat etc but I also kept him on the anti nausia medication. That could help - he had a 1 cm brain met - they radiated lung and brain at same time but I think it was the lung radiation witht he esophogus that caused the problem - not the brain, hope that helps. Heather

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