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Best use of a few grand re: LC issues


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So I've been thinking a lot about trying to start a drive at my firm to raise money for lung cancer research. Anybody have a good sense of where that money would be best placed (what organization is deserving and where a few grand would be a useful contribution)?

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Lungevity is great...I've looked through the grants, all good stuff. I've also corresponded with them and looked into their financials. Solid NFP.

Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy is a NFP with zero administrative costs, every dollar goes to young investigators. If the gift is large enough they will put it toward lung cancer specifically (I have) and there is cureently a LC grant out there.

Finally I-ELCAP. This is a cause which is near and dear to us, as their goal is detecting the LC in early stages. This to me is the biggest problem and the one most immediately remedied. With detection comes hope.

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