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vitamins during chemo for sclc


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I wonder if theres anyone out there who had been treated with chemo & radiation for sclc & also had taken their daily vitamins through it all..........

I can't seem to find any right answer? Some people say it's not a good idea, some say it is a good idea.....?

Thank you,


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Most Drs I believe do not warn against a daily vitamin. But also don't think high doses are good. I think this is the most common view. Some Drs say no vitamins during chemo, so it is confusing.

A lot of research does seems to support that it does not hurt. There have been no large trials that are "statistically significant"

One researcher, Prasad, says vitamins are good. Randy just posted an article that says vitamins and chemo lead to better outcomes.



There are drug companies that are trying to make synthetic vitamins to use with chemo, so maybe there is something to using vitamins.

Search for Vitamin D and lung cancer


http://www.psa-rising.com/prostatecance ... ntar07.htm

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I did not have SCLC, but I did have chemo, I took the actual bottles of all the supplements that I wanted to take to my oncologist. He took the time to read each label. If he thought that it would do no harm, he said take it if you want. He only found one thing that he did not want me to take. Then when I added a lot more after two cycles of chemo, he asked that I not take the new ones within 24 hours of the chemo. I think some doctors just don’t want to be bothered, so they say take nothing.

Stay positive, :)


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A big problem is that there is not a lot of research on this. Clinical trials cost a lot of money and since drug companies can not make money from vitamins there is little research.

NIH and the goverment need to offer more grants to find out the what vitamins are good / what vitamins are bad / when they should be taken, etc.

Unfortunately the answers are not clear so and Drs don't have time so they just say no as Ernie said.

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