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The wait is over...........


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WE met with my mom's oncolgist today and got great news! Her scans is NED!!!!!Her lung tumor is gone!!! He did see one suspicious spot on her brain MRI so he is going to compare it to her last one just to be safe. He did say if it was a met, radiation (I thought he said some thing with the word ablation......???? sound familiar) they should be able to zap it since it is very small.

SO we scheduled to see her radiation oncologist on Monday to start her PCI and double check that one spot.

We are just so happy that she had such a respose. I believe that prayers were heard.

I want to thank everyone for there support and thoughts and prayers. WHen I found out about my mom's cancer I didn't know where to turn, it was so overwhelming. This site has given me hope and I then can share your stories with my mom and dad.

I know we still have a road to climb but for just a few moments I feel I can breathe deep!!!!!

If any one can share their PCI experience or have any idea what they other option (if that is a spot) any info is appreciated!!!

Thank you!! I'm off for a glass of wine (Or maybe 2) My prayers go to all of you!!!


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