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The oncologist called and had some news. He informed us that he beleives it is Stage 3A which is better than what we were orginally told (3b). He also said that she has limited radiation that she can get because she had breast cancer and radiation to the same area. Lastly he said that he wants to do the six weeks of chemo and then go back in and remove the lymph node. If they do not do not do that she basically has six months to live. We are just confused because the surgeon who performed the surgery said that the lymph node was impossible to get to. So it was a mixture of good and bad news because she is having a terrible recoery. She is 68 and we do not know if she can withstand another surgery, especially following six weeks of chemo.

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I don't have any information for you about the second surgery and chemo as my mom's lc is inoperable. But I will tell you that I'd ignore the time line--with or without treatment. Your mom is best equipped to determine how hard she wants to fight and what treatments she is willing to undergo. You can help her to make an informed decision.


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I did not think the removal of nodes was to prevent cancer from spreading, but to see how far it had spread and for staging?

I thought the nodes were taken to see if it were in your blood stream?

guess we need Dr. West!

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Maybe you should go for a 2nd opinion just to get another perspective on this.

Also, don't listen to stasticts as so many here have beaten those. And yes, some are older than 68.

Keep us posted. I will put your mom in my prayers.


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