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more good news for mom


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We went to mom's onc the other day, and she says last scans were clear, whoo hooo, says she is flabbergasted, she says it twice. I told her, well mom said she was going to beat this. She ordered a scan of her liver, cause her liver was almost gone. But previous scan show that the tumors were shrinking. She had to go for blood work today, and ending up having to have lukein shots. Which she is used to, cause throughout it all she has had to have several of them. The charge nurse on the outpatient onc floor, is also amazed with mom and asked her if she is sure she wasnt misdiagnosed, mom said I was so sick I didnt think to get a second opinion, which with all the shock, neither did myself or my brother. I just want to tell everyone that even though statistically they say the outcome of sclc is not good, less than 10% is what I remember reading, well I learned through this website, as well as watching my mother that statics are only numbers. There are survivors, which I learned of on this website, cause everywhere else I was reading, well apparently there just wasnt any. My mother lives with me, my husband and daughter, so the road for me seems like eternity. I feel like I am a stronger person for having been on this road. My father was dx with non hodgkins and he is 4 years cancer free. I wasnt able to be there for him or help take care of him. The last 34years have been really tough, first my father was dx, my brother was deployed to iraq, and myself, well I am a recovery drug addict after 20 years of using something of someking, I am now proudly 4 years clean this september and at the time of my fathers dx, I was in rehab and wasnt able to help my grandmother with him the way I should have been. Well I probably just exposed to much info, but I feel like I am who I am today and I am as strong as I am today because of what I have went through. And I have to be honest rehab and withdrawl was a walk in the park compared to what road I have been on since sept.2006. Anyways, thanks to all for listening to me and I will be updating as soon as we get results from scans ran today. As always, I am praying for each of you and your loved ones. Oh, I am walking my first relay for life the 23rd of this month.


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Sounds GREAT!! SCLC does shrink fast. It does respond well to the chemo's, the problem is it returns at a greater rate than the others and grows so fast. My first relapse in Feb 2003 it was the size of a baseball and I had had my CT scan done just 3 mos prior to them finding it again. Look below to see the course.

There several of us here that have lived longer than the ?? 1-2 yrs.?? they always say we have! 8)8)

There is always hope and God makes the final decision, not the Dr. :shock: Even tho some of them like to think their word is the final word!


PS Glad you are going to Relay-a great means of hope and support, I have been involved since 2001 and would not miss it. Tho the monies raised are not evenly distributed between the reseaches for the different types of cancers, any breakthru helps each of us!

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"lullabelle21302" ...less than 10% is what I remember reading...

I think we have an idea who's likely to be in that 10%!

Reading the rest of your post, I just have to say that I'm very, very proud of you. The world needs a lot more people of your courage and strength.



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Your post made me smile! BIG smile!

What a family full of walking miracles you have!

Getting into rehab for drug addiction, and sticking to it for years like you have, is WONDERFUL! (I have a very close family member that has been thru that!)

I'm so happy for your Mom, your dad, and for you too!!

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