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Grieving, what a word!


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Ya know, grieving is such a horrible word, did ya ever think about it? Do we do it, yes we do, does it go away, no it wont for me, do I show it, no i dont, i cant, I have things to do, work to go to, things to take care of, etc.

I was going through all the papers you have to, and doing all the phone calls, etc, and in the fire proof box, that we kept all our important stuff was a cd wrapped in plain brown paper, marked, Mary, when I am gone, was a tape of James Blunt----Back to Bedlum, with Youre beautiful, and good bye my lover, unreal, Its hard to talk about, and even harder to play. I have played it once, and thats it for now.!

I guess what I am trying to say is, that was a surprize, as he was not a big time emotional person,

but that tape is, what a surprize. {lease, please tell me that he is really in a better place, because this just truly is haunting me, is it true, that he lives on????????? I sure hope so, he deserves it!


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All you hav eto do is go outside on a clear nite and you can see him looking down on you and winking somewhere. He is not in pain, when the wind blows he is blowing you big Kisses. When the sun shines brite and warm he is smiling over you and the Family. Try these links if you get a chnce but keep a hanky close by in case;



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I can relate to the heartache that comes from unexpected disc's that are there. Mom made a DVD apparently...I've watched it once and I put it away. It's just too hard right now.

I, too, believe that your husband lives on, watching over you with loving eyes. It's in those quiet moments when he's closest to you. Believe it.

Much love,

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I know that, in time, this will be a precious gift for you. I have been going through Mom's things as well (she rented a house, so this process has had to happen pretty quickly). I keep feeling like I'm punched in the stomach when I come across memories. I can't look at the photo albums that span her life---just packed them up for later.

I know my Mom is living on in a better place, and I have never beleived otherwise. She believed it, too, which made the transition much easier for her.

Sending thoughts, prayers, and hugs for you as you go through this tough time.

:) Kelly

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