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For anyone on Tarceva...


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Has anyone who has been on Tarceva successfully shown areas of progression but also areas of improvement at the same time and still continued on with it? That is what is happening with mom right now. (See profile) She has been on it for 2 months. If you had this happen, did things improve after a while or continue on that same path until you needed to change treatment?


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You might want to research HKI-272. It is in clinical trials.

Also sometimes people develop two primaries. I am not sure how rare this is but it can happen. *maybe* there are two different types of cancer.

Another thing that could be happening is that one area has become resistent and the other has not.

Also maybe the tarceva needs more time to work. Not sure how fast responses are. Maybe it is working in one area and has not started in the other.

Just guesses. I would ask the Doctor any questions you have.

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Geez this LC stuff is a strange disease - just when you think you understand it, it sends you a curve balal!

I personally have not had an experience like you mention. The mets for me were zapped rather quickly and so far nothing new has popped up.

I am sure other Tarceva people will drop in to give your more of their experiences.

I will be praying for better results,


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