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Katie B How is your Dad


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Thanks for asking. Dad is hanging in. He's very much (As Sam describes it, "living the cat's life" too) He isn't in pain and he isn't sick. Just very tired and fatigued and this is BEFORE the new treatment is about to start. We go to the Onc. Monday to discuss when we start this new treatment and exactly what it will be. My main goal is keeping his spirits up and letting him know that this can be done (again) and that there is always hope. This past week I have been tracking down his actual ct, mri and x-ray films. Why is it when you ask the Dr. for them, they act as though you are slapping them in the face..? I mean, we PAID for those, they ARE ours so why all the hassle and run-around? Dad is still confident in this Dr. (for now) but I believe we need a complete set of records in case there comes a time we want to go somewhere else or seek a new opinion on treatment options. I hate asking his doctor for records. They act like I am insulting them and I hope dad doesn't get treated differently because of all of this. Just want to stay pro-active and be prepared. Will post an update after Mondays appointment to let everyone know what our new game plan is.

Hope you both are well and hugs for caring!

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I think just the opposite regarding getting reports and films. I think the drs have more respect for you. But, who cares. I got a copy of my entire file. And I recorded every appt. It's surprising how easily it is to mis-remember. But then, I don't give a hoot what the drs think of ME. It's more important to get the care you want and need. So there! :P

Good luck on Monday! Positive vibes coming to you and your dad>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. JudyB

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:lol: Gail,

No, I think I need new vitamins ! I'm very tired all the time. I think I have cancer-by-proxy (Dad and me, Peas in a pod). That's the control-freak in me, I guess. I think my dad's Dr. and nurses hate me. I'm always asking questions and getting records and basically getting on their nerves. WHO CARES! :wink: It's my dad, it's his LIFE, and we are doing this thing our way.

HUgs everyone! Hope you guys are feeling good and doing well tonight.

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