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chemo and smoking


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My father is still smoking he has had 3 rounds of chemo so far.I don't know if I should say anything to the onc or not,my father says the damage is already done,he has sclc mets to liver.But I can't help but feel it may interfere with how the chemo works.Has anyone reading had a loved one not quit smoking?

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It is true that the damage is already done, but it is also true that you can do more damage. The more oxygen in your blood the better it is not only to fight cancer but for general health. When you smoke you are replacing that oxygen with smoke. Maybe he thinks he can’t beat the cancer. I would suggest that you go to this web site and get a free copy of a book called Fighting Cancer. If he reads this and believes in what it says, he will quit smoking without anyone asking him to.


Stay positive, :)

Ernie (smoker for 20 years)

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Thank you for the info.I got the book,I am taking it to him tomorrow.He is very frail,he is smoking instead of eating,I wish he would listen to me.It makes me sad to know he has such an addiction to cigarette smoking.Thank you for your prayers,I will keep you posted,take care.....

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My dad had already quit smoking about 3 years prior to diagnosis, but I can say that he tolerated treatments fairly well. This IS a beatable disease...make sure your dad knows that so he can put forth his best fight. Cigarette's are an addiction that I don't understand, because I have never smoked, but I hope and pray that your dad can lick it!



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