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how many rounds?


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sooo generally how many rounds of Chemo will be done before they do a scan to look for progression/shrinkage? also...how do they determine if the chemo profile is too hard on the patient?

my Dad is doing taxol/carbo has had 2 rounds is in the funk from the second round right now... its a fight to keep him hydrated an his weight up...

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I can't completely remember, but I think my mom had 2 or 3 rounds before she was scanned. Each round was 3 weeks. It was chemo, chemo, week off.

I know they monitor blood levels, like white blood cells, red blood cells, etc, to see what effect the chemo has on the body in general.

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My Mom had four rounds of carbo/taxol and then they did they did the scans to check. Her primary (and only) tumor shrunk by 1/3 so they are giving her a rest from the chemo. Mom found that the "funk" got progressively worse with each treatment. She would be fine the day of her treatment and the day after, but days 3,4, & 5 she was tired and hurt (mostly from the Neulasta shot). She didn't have much of a problem with nausea and she maintained her weight without difficulty. Some things, like cheese, too soon after chemo would bother her a bit, but very rarely.

Now, almost 6 weeks after her last treatment, she still gets tired easily, but says every day she feels a little stronger.

Is you dad doing the once every 21 days, or the more frequent rounds?

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Hmmmm...seems to me that Mom did 3 rounds (carbo/taxol) before she started having clotting issues that made the doctors do new scans/xrays for a "check"...but I'm not sure what's common. Mom and her doctor determined together that the chemo regimine was too hard on her blood counts and reduced the amount of chemo she got each time...but it was still very effective for her!

Mom also had difficulties with staying hydrated. She, like me, had to have the water ICE cold and through a straw to tolerate drinking it...and iced tea in a bottle became a constant companion...but we did eventually get ahead of it!!

As far as keeping the weight up...whatever he wants to eat whenever he wants to eat it!!! Milkshakes (the ooh so yummy full fat ones!) Mom couldn't drink (she was lactose intolerant on top of everything else :roll: ) but she always said they sounded good. Philly cheese steak sandwhiches, too!

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Harry had a scan after the second chemo was finished. (It didn't show much shrinkage at all).

He then started radiation along with the third chemo, and they did a scan when he finished the 3 weeks of it.. The tumor had shrunk 60%, so that was very good.

Will your Dad be having radiation?

Harry also gets sicker with each chemo, so I guess that's common in some people.

Hope your Dad starts to feel better soon.


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