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I just want to vomit because........


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Well just talked to mom and her onc. appt did not go as planned. It appears this shi* has come back in the right middle lobe and possibly rib invovement. Her onc is scheduling a pet scan hopefully for Monday. The Dr said there are many new things out there now that weren't out there 2 years ago. I am just a wreck, suprisingly mom seems to be doing okay but I have not been over to her house yet I can't go in this state of mind I am in. I am incredibly thankful for the last two years of No cancer and am soooo scared about what might happen. I can not bear the thought of losing my mom. Gonna go have a pity party and go to moms to hug her and cry with her before we get ready to kill this stuff again. Much love and prayers.


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I am so very sorry to read this news. Please continue to believe and fight to victory against this awful disease. I am certainly praying for your mom.


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Darnitall, (((Heidi))). You gotta know how disturbed this post makes me. Mom and I have been on almost the exact same page these past 2 years. So.......not goood news, I know. BUT my doc at NIH has told me there ARE lots of tx to try IF the beast returns.

You two have been a great team so far, and I know you will continue to advocate and encourage. I hope that by knowing so many here are helping to prop you up you'll be able to get back in the saddle and forge ahead once again. I'm just rally sorry you have to.

Much love and caring to you AND Mom,


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Heidi... I'm so sorry you and your mom will be back in the boxing ring but I can't imagine a better person to be in her corner for the fight! Take your time to have your pity party and I know that when you get to see Mom...you'll be ready and so will she.

Thinking of you, sending love and prayers...

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