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My Dad :(


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Oh, Tina...I am so very sorry to hear that this monster has once again reared it's ugly head in your family. I will be keeping your Dad in my prayers. I know your heart is broken, just thinking about this diagnosis. Know that you are surrounded by our love.

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Hi Tina

So sorry to hear your bad news.

Just to let you know I know how it feels to get a double whammy. My dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year then almost a year to the day my mum was diagnosed with lung cancer this year. They are both battling valiantly.

I waslike........NOT AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its the pits, I am really sorry to hear this.

Take care & god bless you and your family.



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Thanks to everyone for your support, thoughts and prayers. My dad has decided to take the "Path Less Traveled" and to forgo treatment. He has other serious health issues that would have made treatment difficult.

I got him moved to a rehab. facility today where my mom is staying. They are in the same room for the first time in 11 days. They were both in the hospital at the same time last week. What a challenging 11 days this has been! Your continuing support is SOOOO appreciated.

Blessings to all of you. Take care.

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my prayers continue for your parents....I know it must be a comfort for them to be together again.

I can't imagine how hard this is for you. Please know you are in my thoughts every day.

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I am so sorry. It's just so unfair. I know this journey is going to be so tough for you.

You are in my thoughts. I am sending my virtual warm, soft, fuzzy towels to wrap around your head when you just need to hide for a moment.

Thinking of you,


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I just want to scream on your behalf. I might scare the dog, but what the heck.

Nothing I can add at this point but my prayers. I know you have traveled down this caretaker role quite a bit, but please remember to take care of yourself as well. What's going on around you is very overwhelming. You have to take care of yourself if you hope to take care of others.

Fingers and toes crossed.

:) Kelly

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Oh, that really s*cks. I'm so sorry. There's been a lot of new research news coming across the boards for sclc. Hopefully there is something good for your Dad.

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Dear Tina,

Add me to the long list of friends who are shaking their fists at fate AND praying for you and your family. As others have said, it's SO unfair, but that's the nature of this particular beast. Know that we're all pulling for you at this awful time. Keep in touch.


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