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second round of chemo done last week... dr today... he is going to lower the dose on the drugs for next treatment because it was kind of knocked on his but last time... so another round of chemo and a set of scans to see how things are going... if we have shrinkage we will proceed it no shrinkage then we look at options...

options? what options? I mean isnt Taxol/Carbo one of the strongest they can do?

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There are what they call 'lines' of treatments. Carbo/Taxol was a starting point. If it doesn't do the trick they will try to find a drug that WILL. We've had members here go through 3 or 4 lines of chemo before finding the thing. Yes, the first line stuff is often some of the strongest that they use, but that doesn't mean that the other options your Dad may pursue won't be THE thing to work with his body to fight the cancer.

Hopefully this first batch is going to kick the cancer to smithereens.

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There are a LOT of different chemo's they can offer or do. When I did my chemo 12 years ago, we only had 3 or 4 at that time. Now they have MANY! :D

Gemzar, VP-16, Carboplatin, Traceva, Cisplatin, Taxoteer, Topatekin, etc., etc., etc.,(sorry the spelling may not be right on some of them) :oops: I use to know more of them but my memory isn't what it once was. :roll:

Maybe we could make a list of all the chemo's they have today for LC or at least most of them.

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Hoping for good luck to continue with the first line. The longer you can stay on each line, the better. I know this is contrary to a lot of professional opinions, but it has worked well in my husband's case.

Best of all is to see the cancer go away! Tony hasn't been that lucky, but see profile below and know there is a lot of stuff out there and we aren't done yet! All of the treatments he has been on have worked to shrink and control the cancer (except Tarceva.) There is a LOT of hope -- grab it and hold it tight.



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Mom had HUGE success with the carbo/taxol even at reduced strength after her first two or three rounds!!

Just remember that first-line doesn't always do it, second-line might not, nor third or fourth...but somewhere along the way "THE" combination might be found that does the trick! And we'll keep praying that it's this one, for now! :wink:

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Unfortunately, not every chemo works for everybody. If one doesn't then they will find one that does.

Joel had carbo/taxol then he had Texotere.

Keep us posted on his progress.


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