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Misinformation from Hospice

dads girl

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Has anyone had hospice give them really wrong info? I know it is hard to predict exactly when someone is going to die, but yesterday afternoon we all got called that my dad had only a few hours left. When my aunts got to the house the nurse told them he was gone already. My aunt went in and touched his hand and then he opened his eyes. How can you say someone is dead when they aren't. He was then pretty responsive all night. It is now 24 hours later and he is awake and ate and drank something. It is hard to know what to think now.

My husband is mad because he doesn't know how you get people worked up over only having hours and it has been a day so far.

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OMG...that is horrific.

I would be angry too. Cancer is an emotional roller coaster to begin with, but this is just heartbreaking.

It IS important to remember that no one can predict when another person is going to pass away.

With my dad..they told us 12 hours after he went into the hospital the last time (for dehydration- we thought- but it turned out to be severe progression of the cancer) that he would be gone within 24 hours.....He lived 11 days. there were times when I thought he would pull thru- and maybe another person would have.

With my mom, they told us almost the same thing in the hospital after the TPA. She lived 8 more days.

I don't have experience with hospice, but my heart goes out to you...I know what the yo-yo of emotions is like and it feels like your heart is being torn into tiny little pieces.

My thoughts and prayers are going out to all of you right now. I am hoping for the best and praying for comfort and peace...


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Wow. I cannot believe this. I suppose it is most true that noone can predict when someone is going to die...however, they needed to have more empathy at that point.

Please know my prayers are with you...this is such a horrible time.


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they told me two weeks the most! My mom lived for 4 1/2 weeks after that! so you never know! Try to hold on and relax as much as you can! my mom's temperature was 101 for three days and at the end reached over 106- her feet and hands were ice cold- thats when she only had a few hours left! Sorry you have to deal with this! BEst of luck during this horrible time!

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I talked to a hospice nurse about this very thing when my Mother in law passed away from cancer.

She told me that it is not all that uncommon for a person to stop breathing for a bit and appear to be gone but then take a breath and sort of come back.


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