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Getting Through Father's Day


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If you have siblings get together with them, if possible, and toast Dad, support each other, and tell funny stories. I think the harder we try to avoid thinking about our lost ones on these significant days, the worse it can be. If you can't get together with others, do something special you and Dad would have liked, in honor of him.

I sound like I have it all figured out, but Saturday is/would have been my Mom's birthday. First one. We're trying to get something together. I just know that if I try to ignore it (which I would tend to do), it will just make it worse.

I'll be thinking about / praying for you.


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I just try to remember how incredibly lucky I was to have such a wonderful dad for as long as I did. No other great words of wisdom. I still miss him after 24 years. And then, of course, I have a lengthy conversation with his picture.


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This has been a hard thing to think about, the first time fathers' day the my girls (9 and 12) won't have daddy. What I have done is tell them that whatever they want to do or not do will be ok with me. My oldest says she wants steak ( Carltons' favorite), my youngest wants to release some balloons up to daddy.

Of course I lost my dad too, this will be my second one without him, so I know how you feel.


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*sighs* I watch NASCAR, actually. My dad and I used to talk about the different drivers. I'm lucky in that I have a great relationship with my step-dad and I also spend alot of time with him on Father's Day...so I get a mixed bag on the day. The joy of having my "daddy"...and the sadness of not having my "dad".

Do what you need to, do what feels right...we're here with you.

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