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Chemo for brain mets


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I'm new here. Have been looking into this great message board for a month now - So now it must be my turn to write something :wink:

I'm sorry my english is quite bad, but i live in Denmark, and are not use to use it everyday.

Some good news...My mom had an operation 2 months ago for a single met.

Unfortuantly the surgeon called 1 month ago after an MRI-scan. He could now see that he hasn't been able to remove the met completly. And one more was beginning to show up - now 0.8 cm.

Then he planned an SRS-session to remove them today. They did another MRI yesterday, and she told us today, that both mets was gone!! No SRS for my mum today :)

He's pretty sure it's the chemo (cisplatin + vinorelbine) that did its job. She only had 1 serie until now :D

So - NED for the first time since diagnosis in january!


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welcome. that is great news! My understanding from Dr. West is that until recently it was thought that chemo did nothing to combat brain mets. More recently medical thought is evolving as sometimes brain mets do respond to chemo. Clearly, your mom is a terrific example of that.

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Bettina, that's terrific news!

About your English, let me just say that you use it a lot better than millions of people who were born and raised in the USA. Then there's someone like me who doesn't understand, speak, read, or write any second language except for a few phrases here and there. Now that's REALLY sad!! :oops:

Welcome to the LCSC, and please post often! Aloha,


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