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My friend Greg-prayers needed

Cindy RN

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My friend Greg is being sent home from the hospital tomorrow. He is unable to have surgery for a small bowel obstruction. He has colon cancer with mets to the liver and lung. He has been fighting this for about a yr. Greg and his wife Denise have been friends of mine since our freshman yr of high school. Greg is going home to die. He is on lots of IV pain meds and is awake most of the time but in and out of it. He is unable to eat and can drink only little bits at a time. I am so sad to see this. It is very hard on those of us with cancer to watch our friends die from this cruel disease and we live on. They are a very faithful Christ centered family. I love them both and am asking for prayers for him and his wife for this to be as easy as possible. Thanks-Cindy :cry::cry:

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Oh Cindy... my heart breaks for you. How terrible for all of us. I don't plan on getting any sleep tonight anyway (going thru a difficult period)..so I will spend the rest of the night praying for Greg, Denise, YOU and all of us who have been afflicted with this awful insidious disease.

Please God, allow Greg to pass from this life to another with dignity and peace...Amen

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