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help! I don't understand this


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Could someone please give me some information on how disability works? I don't know anyone on disability and while my primary care doctor has been telling me to consider it, I haven't till now. I am my families sole support (single, 3 kids) and I understand there is a 6 month no pay "waiting period" before benefits start. Is there a way to estimate what your benefits will be? Suppose I would now make say 80% of my current salary (that could be way too high-I have no idea) but does that change at all, as in with the cost of living. I'm only in my 30's--that 80% will not look very good say in 5 yrs or 10 etc. I couldn't survive on it. Also I can't go into retirement I haven't worked that long to build it up. Plus what about health insurance? I have mine through my employer I couldn't possibly afford it on my own. Could someone please let me know who I should talk to possibly give me some insight into this.


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Well this is a Norme question for sure, but let me take a stab at it. Remember those statements you get near your birthday from Social Security that tell you your earnings? There is a space that says if you became disabled this is the amount you'd get, blah blah. I would think you'd be able to access that information on the internet. You can also apply for disabilty on the internet.

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Tami, would like to answer your questions but do not know that much about you or your disability. What stage are you? Ry is right about the earnings statement you get once a yr. It should tell you an approx amt you would receive monthly. Your three children would also be elig for payment on your record so long as they are under 18. They would all three combined about 50% of what you get. Say you would be elig for $1200. they would be elig for approx $600 total, $200 a piece. If you do not have that earnings statement, call 1-800-772-1213 and request one or get on the internet and request one. Go to www.ssa.gov. I assume you are still working full time. Do you have any other income coming in? Do you have savings or investments? If not, you could be elig for SSI disability which is a needs based program. It is based on income and resourses. It pays from the time of filing if you would be Found disabled up to the time SSDI would start. SSDI starts the six month from the time SSA finds you disabled according to the rules. SSI only pays somewhere around $600 a month. (NOt sure of the amt because I have been away from SSA about 7 yrs and that amt changes yearly..) SSI has a medical card that can help with your disability but it would stop when you SSDI would start. That is I am assuming your SSDI would be more then the approx amt I am guessing of $600. That 800 # above can give you the ssi amt for your state. Some states have supplements to the basic SSI amt.

Medicare starts 24 months after your disability date. So if they find you disabled now, Oct. 20, 2003 , medicare would start 4/05.

Feel free to PM me if you want more personal info.

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