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Getting to Know You - June 15


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My Mother who will be 89 this year and believe it or not goes to work 5 day's a week cleaning offices for this bank in Phoenix and has worked for them for many year's and oh lest i forget she had a Triple Bypass in 1999.She is retired from the Goverment but love's working and give's GOD all the thank's and Glory.....

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My dads brother, he is 93 and still lives at his home in Atlantic city. What great memories I had there growing up.

His memory is failing or course and just last month when my brother came in from Fla. for my b-day party we, me & Joel, my bro and his wife and my sister and one of my cousins took him out to lunch and spent time with him. We took picture which we sent to him. He had tears, it was priceless.

We felt if anything happened to him how quilty we would feel by not visiting him.

If anyone has a love one who is old who they keep saying I have to visit this person just do it. As when it is too late you will feel guilty. We feel great!

Maryanne :wink:

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