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met with "Medium" on saturday.


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I wanted to tell you all about the "medium" that we had come to our house on Saturday. What I didn't know was that she was also "Physic" she helps police departments look for missing people and although not always "on" she has gotten more right than wrong.

well I went first... "Wow" she nailed everything as far as I was concerned. first off I had just had yet another argument with my husband saturday morning and lets just say since mom passed things between my husband and I have been real strained. The last thing I said to him during our fight was "I want a divorce" ......and the first thing the medium said to me is "Are you contemplating a divorce" that got me peaked. She went on to say my mom was still in the house and the pysic kept rubbing her shoulders saying "dont you feel her, she just walked by us three times" I of course did not feel it but I was jello at that point. She told us mom was at her own wake and loved the way she looked and kept trying to sit up in her casket. :o

she said "I feel like I am choking" "did she die of cancer of the throat" I told her no but her tumor was so large that it crushed her esophagus. The physic said yes she fough very hard in the beginning and then she was just too tired to take anymore. SHe also said I feel like in the end it was a heart attack that killed her. We don't know for sure what mom died from because the cancer was only in one spot from what we were told. Then the physic said "she is holding hands with another woman.....were they identical" the hair on my arms stood up because mom was an identical twin and her twin died exactly 4 years earlier. ALSO whats freaky is 4 weeks ago when my cousin, who is now end stage oral cancer, was going in for the "seed radiation" he said "your mom and Aunt maureen came to me and they were holding hands and told me it was not my time to go" so the fact that two people saw them holding hands got me good.

Then she went on to say that my mom made the transition into the spirit world very fast and easy because of so many people praying for her that it made it real easy for her to get there. She was also with her parents and my real father also helped her across and that they were friends. This kind of bothered my step dad but then the physic said that my mom would be there to help my step dad across when his time came because they are soul mates. but that he would live well into his 80's and that my mom and real dad are very close friends but not soul mates. that my mom and step dad were the soul mates. She said my mom was well and happy and was still around all of us and we will definitely see her again soon.

i am sure there was more but i cant think of it now.

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Wow! i was just telling Ray that I was doing quite a bit of research into mediums as well. I have one that I follow and have been considering having a reading done. He is very well known and I have this "need" to talk with him. I have been reading his books and researching him long before I got sick to talk with him about my mom who passed 17 yrs ago. Now that I've become sick it seems like I've been interested even more.

If you have a chance e-mail me I'd love to get the name of the person you spoke to. I'd also love to hear any other information.

I'm glad your expereince was so positive.

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