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Pity party on Fathers Day ;0)


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I am feeling sorry for myself....

my birthday is on Fathers day this year. My dad died almost 4 years ago, on a motorcycle. I think it is hitting me hard right now because my mom who had been gone for more than a year now, made such a big deal of my birthday, she made things magic for me and made me feel like I was still a kid, someone's kid. Now I feel like I don't belong to anyone. I have been through enough father's days now that they don't bring me to my knees, but now without my mom to make it better it just sucks. SO now no mom, no dad, no grandparents. I am 36 and on the top of the family tree. I no longer see my step dad, I just can't get past the hurt over the last year. I am going to church on Sunday then I am pulling a blanket up over my nose and read a good book and snooze the rest of the day away.

But for all of you who are Mother's who lost your childrens father, happy Fathers day to you, as a single parent, now you have to be everything to your babies and I can only imagine the enormity and sadness in that.

For all of you that are Father's, I hope you have a wonderful day and your children shower you with love, and for all of you who still have your Fathers... I hope you give them some extra love and hold them a little closer.

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Wonder if we should institute an "Older Orphans Day"--not that either of you are old, mind you. That way those of us w/o parents left here anymore have a day of our own. Sorry if I sound morose---just feeling a little sorry for myself as well. Mom's b-day is tomorrow, followed by Father's Day. I'll try to think of them celebrating together this year, for the first time in almost 30 years. See if that helps.


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Your sentiments are so sweet and thoughtful. Thank you for the pure point of view, rather than the one I have assumed this past week.

Have a good birthday, maybe you can celebrate your dad for a moment on Father's Day...I read recently about focusing not on what you do not have anymore but how special they were when they were with you. Each relationship is a gift, one that we do not possess and does not possess us...it is hard to be thankful for our loss but maybe it is easier to be thankful for the gift we had while they were in our lives...

Peace and Comfort and as Happy as can be Birthday's!...Flowergirlie

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Iam also feeling sorry for myself, and my daughter because of fathers day.

Here is a funny story, well as funny asit can be.

Danny, my husband would never get me a mothers day card, he said I was not his mother. lol. I used to say that that was just plain rude, because I was the mother of his daughter. Well he just never did, so I retalitated by not getting him a fathers day card, lol!

Where will I be tomorrow? Putting some very nice flowers on his grave! As it should be.

Best wishes to all who are going to struggle a little tomorrow.


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Oh, Kim, I am so sorry. Even though nothing on the outside has changed, I've been kind of mad inside at my dad about things he did (or didn't do) when my mom was sick, etc...but your post gave me a little jolt back into reality.

It just utterly sucks that you are going through this, my thoughts are with you.

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