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Mom's PET results :)


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I need to pinch myself!!! The nurse called my mom today and said that everything is gone except for some very low activity on the spine! She is receiving Zometa for that. My sister called me while I was at the mall with my family getting ready to eat supper. Instant tears streaked down my face. I am sure people must have thought I just got the worst news but really it was the best! I cannot even express my emotions in words. Last week the CT scan showed mixed results with one lung looking worse, one better, new mets to the spine but the liver met was smaller. Turns out most of the stuff they saw on the CT scan was dead tissue. I am so greatful for all the prayers we recieved here. This board is a God send for me. I am staying realistic and I don't want to get my hopes up but...I think NED may be on the way! Keep the faith everyone, miracles really do happen. My mom didn't have one or two tumors in her lungs, they were full of it and now it is gone. I know it may not last forever but right now it is the best news I have heard in a very long time.

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