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Duke of Earl - Chapter 47


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Just an update.

Earl had a port installed on Fri am. That went well. Then had his first Taxol/Carboplatin infusion. That went well. But we were at the hospital from 8:15 am to 6:15 pm. Loooooooong day.

Friday night at 10:30 (while I was asleep on the couch) my darling husband decided to go for a walk. Well, as I have posted before, he walks like a man after 3/4 beers. You got it, he fell flat on his face on our asphalt driveway. Took him 1-1/2 hours to get in the house. I never heard him until he got into the house and I feel so GUILTY. He was covered with blood and soaking wet, it was raining. His face, hands and knees are skinned beyond belief, but no broken anything. My heart just breaks for him. I wish I had a magic wand.

Saturday night we were scheduled to have our dinner group at our house. Earl insisted he wanted to have it. It is 3 other couples for hors' and dinner. He had a wonderful time, laughed, ate, drank and was extremely merry. And he got the big sympathy vote for his face. It was absolutely fantastic to see the smile and twinkle in his eye for a short time.

He paid the price on Sunday, he was exhausted, but it was worth it.

I am fighting our insurance company right now. They have refused the Celebrex rx. We are going to appeal it since even the onc. agrees that it seems to help with this chemo.

Our hope right now is that this chemo either halts or shrinks the tumors. Please remember the Duke in your prayers.


P.S. I bought him a cane first thing Sat am. I told him either he uses it or I will use it on him. He is using it - and I think he is glad.

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It is weird you can not use your old signiture. You are still there!!!!!!!!! Sorting the member list by date registered now you are # 28 on Jan 10 , and # 636 on Oct 7, 03. Sorting by alphabetical you are # 220 and # 221.

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Ginny, boy your Earl is one hell of a spunky guy!!!

I felt so badly when you spoke of his fall-but please don't feel guilty-have you guys thought of getting one of those Nextel-type two way radios? I'm not sure of how expensive they are, as there is going to be some compitition now that other companies can come out with the same type of phone/walkie talkie.

My parents actually got a cordless phone for the house that came with 2 handsets and it has an intercom so that if Dad needs Mom all he has to do is beep her and they can talk. It has come in very handy. Anyway-it gives my mom some peace of mind that if she can't hear Dad call her, he can call her on the intercom.

I am glad that you guys had a good visit with your friends, and of course you both are in my thoughts and prayers all the time. Continue to take care-by the way, how does Earl like the port? My dad LOVES his, it has made his chemo session so much easier and more comfortable for him.


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Ginny, sorry Earl took a tumble, but you have nothing to feel guilty about. It was his decision to go out alone. Even when we have cancer, we do dumb things! I am so glad you all went ahead with the gathering -- as you could see, it was good for you both. Always opt on the side of going ahead with fun plans when you can. I have said a prayer for Earl. Don

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Ginny, so glad you both had a good dinner party.

That had to be horrible him out there in the dark and rain and falling down and couldn't get himself back up and back into the house. The poor soul.... Maybe you need to put your couch in front of the door....... :lol: All kidding aside, I think I would worry a lot if buddy went out in the dark for a walk.

TAke care and give the duke a hug.....

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Oh Ginny so glad Earl is okay! Glad he got some time with friends too.

Bill got up while I was asleep last night and fixed a bowl of ice cream and then spilled it all over the chair and himself too. He spent an hour trying to clean it up and by that time his sleeping pills had really kicked in. I'm surprised he made it back to bed (and never woke me up!!)

Blessings to you and Earl,


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Ginny My husband just began same chemo as yours. He was on Iressa for 3 months but CT scan showed 2 new mets one on the liver and one on his kidney. Lungs are stable. After first treatment he feels pretty good. Good enough to go on a little vacation until next week when he gets his second infusion. Hope your husband feels as well with this chemo too. I asked the onc. nurse about taking Celebrex and she gave him some samples enough for a couple of weeks. Could you get some samples from your dr. while you wait on the appeal from the insurance? Carolyn

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Ahhhh....the laziness of the bureaucracy! Glad to see it working FOR you and not AGAINST you!

Now, any idea why insurance companies are no longer "local"?? They SURELY don't want someone knocking at their door or camped out in the lobby with questions and requests regarding treatment.... Easy to deny a "non-person" that's just a case number, not so easy if said person meets you at your office...

Good luck to ya!


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