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made it thru realy


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Well we did our Relay for Life this weekend and made it thru. I am a little sore today but no worse for wear. My Team raised $3500.00. I walked for about 12 of the 16 or so hours we were there( i also had to go get food and coffe for my team) IT was such an amazing thing to see the track all lit up and to hear the stories of other people. It was a pretty emotional night and my dad had a bit of a hard time cuz we all knew that if my mom didnt get sick we would not have been there. I made T shirts for my team and on the back they said miss you mom, or miss you Mimi and my dads said Miss you Hon. We also made buttons with a photo of my mom that we all wore so when ever we were talking to anyone my moms face was smiling at them too. Of course when I got home my first thought was to call Mom and tell her all about it (duh). It was such a great thing and I am already planning for next year. First I have to make it thru the walk in Boston in Nov. but that should be a piece of cake after this.

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Congratulations Cheryl. I am so proud of you. I know your mom was walking right along with you and she was so proud of you. The shirts and buttons were a great idea and wonderful memoriam in her name.

You raised a lot of money for a great cause. If you took pics send them on to Katie and she will post them.

Way to go Girl!!!! You did good!!!

Maryanne :wink:

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I am glad the RElay was such a success!!! Im sure it brings out the whole range of emotions!!

I'm sure your mom walked every step right beside you smiling like only a proud mom can do!!!

Prayers to you,


PS We are doing our Relay in JUly, I hope I can make it as long as you did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You better have your feet up now!

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thanks you all for your kind words and for being here to help me through all this. I cant wait to meet some of you in Boston. I am so looking forward to seeing you in person.

Dana, I am sure that you will do great at your relay. The time goes by very quickly when you are there. before I knew it we were getting ready for closing ceremonies and I said to my team "wait it cant be over yet Im just getting started." I think maybe my mom was looking down on us and thinking that we had all lost our minds (lol).

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