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A note about our friend Nancy B

Connie B

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Hey friends,

Just wanted to post a little note regarding our good friend NancyB. She is still fighting the fight, but she is doing farely will.

She has had two ports get infected and she had to have them removed. One she had surgically removed because it was badly infected. :( It is finally healed.

Her balance is off and she is scheduled for a brain MRI on Tuesday, so please keep her in your prayers.

Her last two scans showed she had fluid around her heart. She is having an echocardiagram in 3 weeks to monitor it. The last tumor was close to her heart so if the fluid increases they will have to biopsy the fluid and a piece of the sack holding the fluid.

She feels SURE there is no cancer there!!! Nancy is a 7-1/2 year lung cancer survivor of nsclc and she is a 4 & 2 year lung cancer survivor of sclc. :wink::wink: Both of her small cell tumors were unrealted. She's had a few bumps in the road but she is going onward and upward and she is overcoming each bump that gets in her way. :D:D:D:D

She feels well enough that she has returned back to work. :wink::wink::wink: HOOORAY!

Please keep our Nancy in your prayers as she continues to battle and as she continues to beat the odds.


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Thanks for the update, Connie. I only wish the VERY best for Nancy. I've thought about her numerous times and have wondered how she's been doing. Being back to work sound like terrific news to me. Prayers for continued progress in a forward direction.


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