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I need help/suggestions about my Dad

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Hi all,

O.K., so My Dad is in the hospital since fRiday. Low sodium started again (this is how we found out in Dec. about his SCLC). So of course we are scared, he gets admitted, sodium is going up very low. Took off IV today and now using a special pill for this. They have found a .5 centimeter spot on Liver and two glands near heart. So, we are going to begin new treatment plan shortly but first, need him to build up his sodium level again. So, he is in Hilton Head Hospital for this treatment of the sodium, and his radiologist and oncologist met with him last night to explain where the cancer is. I am scared, but really feel he can fight this too! I have read so incredible stories here and although I am so sad that he has to start again, I know there is hope!

Anyway, my sister is freaking saying we need to move him out of this hospital, and my husband and I are thinking that we really should keep him where he is until the sodium level is up and he is not as weak, then start to treat the cancers. I know it is not a cancer hospital, but an endocronologist is working with the sodium and in touch with the radiologist and oncologist. In other words they are working together. This is hard as I am not out there. Any words of wisdom?

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I agree with Don - your dad needs to stabilize first. Low sodium is serious. Did they say what caused it?

You are lucky they diagnosed the low sodium as it is not common. My mom had low sodium and she almost died before ER figured out her problem was low sodium.


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