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Anyone have fevers from Tarceva??


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My mom has been taking Tarceva 150mgs for about 3 weeks....she has bad rashes throughout her body....but what put her in the ER 2 times is her fevers of 102 she has been having for about 3 days. Both times in the ER...her vital signs are good....chest xray is clear....heart ok....just a fever. Has anyone experience a fever while taking Tarceva? Maybe a lower dosage is what we need....TIA


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I'm sorry to hear your mom is having problems on traceva. I don't take it, but I do want to offer a suggestions and some help for you to find information about Traceva.

First off, I'm sure many people here will chime in on there experiecnes, but I also know this is vacation time and things tend to slow down here for a month or so on the board.

Traceva is talked about a LOT on this borad or in the Genernal Forum. You can either scroll through the Gerneral Fourm to find many comments and side effect stories on Traceva or you can do a Search buy clicking at the top of this page SEARCH and then just type in Traceva and you'll get all the messages that talk about Traceva.

I hope this may be very helpful for you while you wait for others to chime in on there answers regarding Traceva.

Best wishes.

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Mom was on Tarceva for about 16 months. I know everyone responds differently, but she did not have fevers related to her Tarceva. It was a wonder drug for us, honestly. I hope they are able to determine what is causing these fevers. They can't be any fun.

:) Kelly

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There is a thing called a paraneoplastic fever or neoplastic fever. Nothing alarming as far as I have read. It means a fever can be caused by the tumor.

From what I have read no one is exactly sure of the cause. One theory is that dead tumor cells could cause the fever or cytokines (an immune response) is causing the fever

Tarceva can also cause interstitial lung disease (ILD). This can be serious, but since your mom went to the hospital and the lungs are clear they probably ruled this out

Good luck

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No fevers for me in two months on Tarceva (but is it working?! We'll find out next week.). Meanwhile, all I can report is the standard rash, diarrhea, and food tasting a little funny.

I've heard a rumor that Ernie has had no side effects on Tarceva or during chemo, so you can probably put him down as a no as well (sorry, Ernie, I couldn't resist making fun of your good fortune!).

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Hi Tammy,

I haven't experienced fevers with Tarceva, but have had a million hot flashes. Of course, the hot flashes could be from the tarceva or pre-menopausal.

I like to run any different side effects by my doc. That way if it is something that needs to be looked into further it can be. If the symptom is nothing, I have the reassurance from my doc and I feel better.

I hope your mom is feeling better soon.


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