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:lol: Finally I finish my 18 rounds of WBR, felt great all the way my only problem is I wake up with my eyes & arround the eyes really swalown. The Dr gave me Claritin because they dont think is the radiation. My blood work was exelent. The lungs still

find. Did the tumors in my head excape chemo & radiatio or where there before I stert with the treatment? :? .The Dr is really positive I complain about my back hurting & he told me that the CT & the PT diden't show anything. & that I have a little arthraitis.So my friends I leaving to Spain tomorrow for 3 weeks. I will try to stay in touch but where we going there is not even a phone. Have a good time in Chicago I hope the next meeting I can meet a lot of you.

xoxo & prayers


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Enjoy the trip. I just finished my WBR regimine and I have started having some problems with my eyes also. They seem to produce a lot more tears than normal and then get really dry. I know they blocked the eyes when they did the treatments but I still believe that some gets by.


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Oh Becky great news that the WBR is now behind you. Pray you are now empty headed and will stay that way.

Have a wonderful time in Spain, You deserve a break like that. :D

See ya when you get back.

Maryanne :wink:

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