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Grieving people have incredible stories and insights. We do not need to “take care of them.” We need only to be genuine learners. For we will all stand along side of them sooner or later.

In one of my random, "Am I normal to still feel this crappy" searches last night I found this quote that resonated with me.

I get so tired of people doing the sympathy cluck thing when I talk about my grief, you know? I'm almost two years out, it's a part of me now, I don't want to be clucked at and patted because of it.... just... allowed to be here maybe?

Anyway, just thought I would share.

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I have tried to explain this to my husband. I know he is tired of it. Can I just be allowed to be here? Am i really hurting anyone? I am not mistreating anyone or burning dinner anymore. I could go on. I love the quote, thank you.

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I saw one recently along the lines of "It's my grief, I've earned it, don't try and take it away from me." One month into the process, it seems I'm only allowed an off day if there is an excuse--finally closed out Mom's house, an anniversary of some sort, etc.

I know this is a hard process for DH to navigate as well. If I'm sad and he tries to 'fix it', I get mad. If he just says, "Yeah, you sound sad," I feel like he is dismisssing me. Poor baby.


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