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Update on Mother in Law


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Last time I wrote in I updated on my mother in law and said the doctor said no radiation, it was stage 3a instead of 3b and he recommended going for chemo and then possibly truying to go in and get her node out. It has been a while but things did not go well. She went for her first chemo and ended up very sick. Passed out and blacked out and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. They said it appears that she had a ministroke then after they did the MRI they said that they want to repeat it in a couple of weeks because something did not look right with the pituitary. She is still in the hospital a week later. Her white blood count was dangerously low, she is still vomiting and has the runs. Also she is on antibiotics and has a fever. They said she cannot withstand that chemo again and will chance it to a new dose. Things just seem to keep going wrong. She refuses to go for a second opinion. I am really not happy with the way the oncologist is handling this. I feel like we are never getting answers. His latest "statistic" is she has a 50% chance with chemo alone and a 60% with chemo and surgery. I have no idea what that statistic means. My hands are tied because my sister in law who is handling everything does not seem to want anyone else involved and she does not seem to ask the right questions. Anyway, thanks for listening and if anyone has any imput I would love to hear it.

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It must be hard to not be able to help with the decision making about your Mother-in-law's care.

Maybe they can change the chemo..?... give her one that isn't quite as strong...?

You're in a tough position.

I'll be thinking about you. Hope you can get your sister in law to let you share in the caregiving more often.


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