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There is always HOPE


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Yesterday I did the Los Angeles AIDS WALK for the 13th year. (I only missed when I was in New York, and I did the New York and Jersey ones that year and last year I was in Italy, but I raised money) I was yet again inspired by some stories. One in particlular.

Eric McCormick from "Will and Grace" was there and he told an story of a man that he was in some tv show with who was a typical "leading man". Good looking, healthy, broad shoulders, physically fit. Well two years later he ran into him, at a hospice and he was a shadow of himself, 120 lbs, guant, pale, sores on his skin, a respirator etc. Eric thought for sure this was going to be the last time he ever saw his friend. Well a couple more years went by, and Eric was in New York for a benefit and his old pal was there, and he was back up to 180, healthy, no sores, breathing on his own, and in fact was in New York because he was running the marathon!!! Turns out he was one of the first ones to get onto the "cocktail" when it was experimental and it saved his life. He is still alive today.

I know AIDS is different that lung cancer, but many aids patients die from cancer, and the point is the same, If there is hope, then fighting and trying is a great thing to do!

I thought it was very inspiring and I hope you do to, and I hope it may give hope to some people.

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Wanted to add a Will & Grace tidbit of my own -- the actress who plays "Risario", the maid on the show, has survived two bouts of cancer -- breast, and lung. (she had a lobectomy). I believe she worked throughout her treatment, reducing the number of scenes she was in.

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