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Tarceva severe reactions~Mouth Sores, fevers, rashes, No App


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My mom has had severe reactions to Tarceva 150 mgs. She has been taking it for about 3 weeks...She has mouth sores to the point where she can't eat or drink. In her inner mouth and tongue it is red, raw, and swollen. Everything she eats is bitter. She no appetite. Her fevers of 102 have been on and off for about 3 days. After going to the ER....her chest x-ray is clear so no infection there. She was told to get off of Tarceva to recover. Her onc is now talking about either lowering the dosage or go to Carbo/Gemzar. We can only imagine that being worse as her sensitivity to the toxicity of Tarceva. Has anyone have this severe reactions to Tarceva?? Please help!!


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It could be that the drug is actually working and causing the fever/rash.

Certain drugs and foods may cause an increase in the amount of drug in the body, so make sure there is not any food or drug interaction.

Talk to the doctor, maybe as people said 100mg maybe is better.

Don't know. Good luck. Ask the Dr.

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I had similar reactions to Tarceva as your mom. My doctor has adjusted the dosage off and on as my body tolerated the drug. I have been on 100mg to 125 mg for the last 8 months.

Even though I have had the lower dosage, I am happy to tell you that my cancer has remained in remission and the side effects are much more manageable.

I hope your mom is feeling better soon,


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Over the past 26 months I have had to tolerate severe side effects from Tarceva. My mouth is constantly sore, my tongue is split all over, my gums are inflamed and I have to be careful not to eat anything that sets it off. I have just learned to live with all the discomfort, Tarceva is working for me and that's all that matters really.

This drug keeps giving me new side effects, I now have huge lumps on the bottom of my legs, but to me it is a sign it is still working it's magic for me.

Lowering the dose can help with the rash, in my case it didn't, but giving that a try is worth it.


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