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This site is great! Read many posts and am very glad to know that there are so many others with similar experiences. It's very encouraging to hear your stories and know that there are many survivors, many years after their diagnoses. I am very grateful to have huge support from my family and friends and can tell already that this site can also be a source of support. I can relate to many things... incision pain, hating bras and more. Right now I'm enjoying my 1st month Dr./test free in 1 and 1/2 yrs! I think I am, but what does NED mean?

Thank you all,


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Hello. Sounds like you are doing well. We all know how hard a fight it is especially that first year or so. I really hate the "appliance" , it sqeezes my broken ribs ( which never really healed) and those cut nerves! But all of this is not much to bear as long as I am here and well. Keep us posted on how you are.

Donna G

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Hi E,

Just want to welcome you to our family. As you already know we are very supportive and informative group.

You sound like you are doing really well. Yes, and stable is good.

Continued success and know we are always here to answer questions you may have or if you need support.

Glad to have you join us!!

Maryanne :wink:

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"IAAM" ...but what does NED mean?

Hi! I see your question was answered a couple of days ago, but as the "other" Ned I'd like to add my welcome to those you've already received. When I joined the group and posted my first message well before dawn Hawaii time on Sep. 10 of last year, I was equally in the dark about the acronym. But as I read through the responses (which were prompt and plentiful) this comment really touched me:

By the way NED means so much here. People here love NED. In medical terms when a person goes for their CT scans after treatments, if it comes back NED that is time for celebration. NED stands for No Evidence of Disease...So Welcome Ned, and know that one day you will see you name on your results and we will celebrate with you!

That was from Maryanne, who also responded to your post. Never doubt the importance of a great first impression!!



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