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I need some support


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Its Rhonda again and I wanted to let everyone know that mom did not have a stroke. We had to take her back to the er yesterday and they done another ct scan which showed a lesion on the left side of the brain plus some swelling. The onc doc came in and said that this was something we had discussed from the beginning and the brain is the place sclc likes to go. They are going to start radiation. Said that the tumor would respond well to the radiation. Also said that mom has done so well with the chemo and that the tumor in lung is gone and the only tumors left were in her liver which were fewer in number and had decreased. Mom was actually relieved when she was told she didnt have a stroke, says she knows what it is now and she can fight it. She kept telling her onc doctor it was ok and that she was going to beat this. She says she has prayed and has talked to her dad(he passed away from prostate cancer) she wanted some kind of sign that it was her time to go, which she told me doesnt feel like it is her time to go, she believes she would know if it was. I actually agree with that, I think that when someone is sick with this devastating disease that can feel/sense that it is there time. I am just so frustrated right now, I want to scream, cry, hit something, I just want to do something. She has come so far and done so well and the scans have all been clean and showed signs of good progress. The ct scan done last friday didnt show nothing and the one done yesterday shows this. I am very angry and very sad. She had a mri done today and they said that it would show if it is just the one lesion or if there are more and if so they would radiate the areas. She tells me the part she hates the most is that she feels useless cause she cant use the right side. Her leg is pretty good but her arm is not.

How well does the radiation work on the brain? And could someone please tell me how does the beast spread while on chemo and how can one scan done a wekk ago show nothing and within a weeks time show a 1cm lesion? I am terrified right now and I guess I am wanting someone to tell me that everything is going to be alright. Has anyone had a good outcome with sclc mets to liver and brain? Like I said the one in her lung and lymph nodes are gone and the ones in her liver are decreased and not as many. Also with the tumors shrinking and some gone in her liver does it start to rejuvenate itself and can they do radiation on her liver for the tumors left there. Thanks so much for reading and any advice, answers good or bad I would like to hear.


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you will get more responses soon. My LAte wife Nsclc, so i may not be able to help with specifics here, but. Keep the faith, and don't let anything stop the fighting spirit mom has had. Progress foward has been made and the is great news. sometimes the body becomes non-resistant to chemo and this is why things start to happen again. All it means is it is time to change a chemo possibly, not nessacarily, the end of the line. Radiation will help. there is also gammaknife and cyberknife whick I am sure you will hear about. Hang in there. Mom has made a lot of forward progress and that is the good news. Never give up and let the beast win. Think DIE CANCER DIE!!! Every day. Sending an early morning prayer for everyone this morning.

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Hi-My Mom also was dx in Sept/06-Ext Small Cell-After having concurrent radiation for 3 weeks-over this past Memorial Day we took her to the hospital because she couldn't swallow even water. While there they did a brain MRI and it showed a 9mm lesion on her brain. She started her WBR for 3 weeks and finished 2 days ago. After having her Chest radiation and now her brain done my Mom is beyond exhaustion. The Dr said that they don't even want to follow up with a scan because they are certain the WBR took care of it?? Even though he is confident-my Mom wants the scan to make sure it's gone.

This is a horrible disease and as the Dr said very unpredictable. We are hoping that the brain lesion will be gone and the chest stable so my Mom can get a break and start to get her energy back up.

As far as survivors with brain/liver mets-one of the ladies on this site has a friend in her support group that had WBR done with ext Small Cell and that was I believe 4 years ago? So I choose to keep having

hope and be positive in the face of this horrible


Keep us posted

Peace, Strength and Comfort to you and your family.


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I am so sorry to hear your frustration but I know very well how you feel. Don't ever feel sorry for your emotions!

My understanding is that chemo can't penetrate the brain. The brain has an incredible built in barrior. So they have to radiate to get those cells. My mom is currently doing PCI radiation to her brain and a friend of hers is having whole brain and both are doing well! NOt to many side effects.

I pray the radiation does the trick and gets rid of it! Your mom's attitude is great!

Prayers to your family,


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I wish I could say something to "make it all better", for ALL of us.

I understand what you're feeling, because I've just been thru that myself, last week. It's absolutely maddening at times.

Small cell cancer seems like one of the "meanest" there is, although they're all horrible.

I've heard good things about the outcome of brain radiation for lesions, so I'll be praying extra hard that it zaps your Mom's right out of existance.

Saying a prayer for you guys,


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I have a friend that had extensive non small cell in her liver and was given 9 months to live......7 YEARS AGO! She had preventative brain radiation as part of her treatment protocal. She is now cancer free and enjoying life.

I have another friend who had brain radiation for 3 mets (nonsmall cell) and the mets are GONE!

LC Stinks! Please know that the journey is different for each of us, but there are many success stories out there.

I pray that your mom's doctors find her magic potion.


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I'm truly sorry that she had this complication. As the doctor indicated, it's all too common with SCLC, which has a great tendency to spread to the brain. It is true that chemo doesn't tend to penetrate into the brain very effectively, so you can get a good response outside of the brain, but the brain itself can be a "sanctuary site".

Radiation can be quite helpful for improving symptoms from metastases, but it really is too unpredictable to make a guess. There's little question that it can both improve symptoms and clearly improve survival, but unfortunately, SCLC is too nasty for radiation to the brain to really be miraculous.

-Dr. West

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